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1. How many cards can I order? As many cards as you wish! The minimum order is 25 cards. We are happy to fulfill any order above this. We also offer additional discounts at any time of year for orders above 1000 cards.

2. What about the envelopes? All of our  prestige cards come with white 110gsm peel and seal envelopes. Smaller cards come with 100gsm diamond flap white envelopes.There is no extra cost for envelopes and if you make a mistake on a few just give us a call and we will try and help.

3. How much will it cost? We have worked hard to keep our prices competitive while not reducing the quality of our product. The total cost of your order will be dependent on the number of cards and other printing options. We are happy to speak to you to discuss the most cost-effective options for you. We also offer staggered discounts so the earlier you order the more you save.

4. How do I pay? As you choose! We accept most major debit and credit cards, cheques and BACS transfers. We are happy to open account facilities for Limited Companies

5. I ordered from you in the past, do I have to fill out another order form? Not at all! In normal circumstances, if you ordered from us in any of the past five years we will have all your details, including your greeting choice from your last order. Just tick the 'existing artwork' option when you order and we will send a proof based on your previous order.

6. I like your cards, but how can I see what they're really like? Order a sample via the website and we will post them to you immediately.

7. How much do the charities receive? That is entirely up to you. The website will allow you to select between 10p and 50p per card. 

8. What is your environmental policy? The paper and board we use for our brochure and cards is FSC certified. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organisation that brings people together to find solutions which promote responsible stewardship of the world’s forests. Kigsmead has always used card that is recyclable and made from 100% Elemental Chlorine Free wood pulps, sourced from renewed commercial forests in Europe.

9. Will I have a charity logo printed? It is normal for us to print your chosen charity logo on the inside of your card, however if you would not like this we will remove the logo. Your charity donation will not be changed if you choose to display the charity logo or not.

10. Can I have my address printed? We are happy to print whatever you would like in your cards, from your own greeting, to seasonal opening times to your contact details. Whatever you need to make the right impression!

11. Can I have my company's logo? Yes, we are happy to print your company's logo. Just send it to us in our required format (JPEG, TIF or EPS) and we will place it in your proof. If there are any problems with using your logo, we will contact you immediately to request a new logo.

12. Can I have my printing in colour? We will print your greeting, logo in whatever colours you would like. There will be a charge of 20p per card (not subject to early order discounts).

13. When can I expect delivery? Delivery will be made within 8 working days from when you have informed us you are happy with your proof.

14. How much is delivery? Delivery to 1 UK Mainland address costs £9. We will also deliver overseas, simply supply us with the address for the cards and we will arrange a quote for overseas delivery.

15. I'm confused! Can I talk to someone? Of course! Kingsmead will help you through any questions or problems that you have. Please call our customer service team on 01372 455205 or email us at sales@charitychristmascards.org