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If you wish to support a charity not listed below, you can now do so!
Simply select 'OWN ARRANGEMENT' when ordering, let us know the charity that you chose, and we will print the acknowledgement inside your cards.
www.justgiving.com is one very simple way to do this and also means that you may be able to add gift aid if you are a taxpayer.
If you wish to support one of the following charities you may select to add a donation to your order which we will pass on in full.
An acknowledgement will be printed inside your cards.


When Kingsmead ‘invented’ personalised Charity Christmas cards in 1984 (until then we supplied non charity Christmas cards, but a fire in the South Transept at York Minster, combined with the fact that we had a card of the Rose Window of the Minster in the range led to a ‘light bulb’ moment that arrived at the concept of our fundraising cards, raising over £100,000 towards the rebuilding of the Minster) the competition was non existent. Since that day, many other publishers have joined the party. As with all things in life, lower and lower prices have been demanded and the easiest way to achieve this has been to cut the amount given to Charity. The press has been quite vocal in its criticism of very low Charity donations. We would love to be still giving 40% of the sales value away but sadly that would make our prices, to the uninitiated, just too expensive. We therefore believe that the most honest way is to let you choose how much to give. Orders placed online let YOU choose whether you want to give 10p, 20p or even 50p per card (if you want to give more then you need to contact us). To be honest, if you are ordering 25 cards then you may consider a donation of £2.50 to be too low. Conversely, if you are ordering 1,000 cards you may think that £500 is too much. With Kingsmead, you can decide what you think is fair and we know that all of our Charities are grateful for every penny that they can raise. Since 1984, Kingsmead Charity Cards have raised over £5m for numerous UK charities.